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New Brunswick groups demand a pay equity law for the private sector now!


Fredericton, November 14th, 2017 - Today, the Coalition for Pay Equity is launching an extensive campaign to demand that the next provincial government adopt a pay equity law for the private sector in New Brunswick. This campaign was developed in partnership with the Réseau des services ruraux pour les femmes victimes d’abus, the NB South Central Transition House and Second Stage Coalition and Forté Communication.

On average, in 2016, women in NB earned 91.8% of men’s hourly salary.

“Women in this province have waited long enough for mechanisms ensuring equal pay for all to be put in place. The government has been repeating for years how it encourages businesses to establish such mechanisms. But what we see is that in a majority of cases, theses requests remain unanswered. It’s time to take the next step and adopt legislation that will ensure pay equity in New Brunswick’s private sector”, explains Frances LeBlanc, Chair of the Coalition for Pay Equity.

The campaign titled Pay Equity Now! will be very visible in the next couple of months all over New Brunswick. Discussions with provincial electoral candidates and political parties will be at the heart of this action. The campaign will also be visible on social media and inside communities. The Coalition and its partners have met with numerous groups that are interested in helping this law become a reality, many of which have already started work on the ground.

“By accepting that pay inequity remain so common to this day, we are telling women in this province that their work doesn’t have the same value as men’s. How are we still there in New Brunswick?” asks Ms. LeBlanc. “We will only be able to reach true equality between men and women when decision makers take measures to eliminate all disparities. For us, this needs to happen now.”

In addition to the projects’ official partners, other groups will be helping the initiative gain visibility, such as the Regroupement féministe du Nouveau-Brunswick, the Canadian Union of Public Employees and UNIFOR. This campaign was made possible thanks to the financial contribution of Status of Women Canada.

Pay equity is the earning of an equal pay for work of a same or comparable value. In 2009, the Government of New Brunswick adopted a pay equity law for the public sector, which also included Crown Corporations.


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