L'Équité salariale

February 2015 - A public discussion about addressing our fiscal challenges in New Brunswick: Pay Equity is Part of the Solution.

June 2014 - The salary structure in care-giving services in seven Canadian provinces: Benchmarks for pay equity exercises in New Brunswick. Summary of the report prepared for the New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity, by Ruth Rose, adjunct professor of economics, Université du Québec à Montréal.

February 2013 - Brief presented to the Minister of Finance, Blaine Higgs, as part of the pre-budget consultations.

January 2013 - Comment on the Results of the Government of New Brunswick’s Pay Equity Program for Non-Legislated Sectors. Brief presented to the Minister responsible for Women's Issues.

March 2011 - New Brunswick 2011-2012 Budget: Position of the NB Economic Equity Working Group. Joint brief - NB Economic Equity Working Group.

July 2008 - What about women’s share in NB’s tax system? Brief presented to the Select Committee on Tax Review.
February 2008 - Une loi sur l’équité salariale : Afin que les femmes participent à l’autosuffisance et…en profitent! (French only). Brief submitted to the Minister of Finance for the pre-budget consultations.
June 2007 - The Value of Child Care Work: Investing in Self-Sufficiency. Brief submitted to the Department of Family and Community Services as part of the Early Learning and Child Care Public Consultation.
March 2007 - Pay equity legislation: So that women can participate in self-sufficiency and… benefit from it! Brief presented to the Self-Sufficiency Task Force.
February 2003 - Brief submitted to the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission. (French only)

Briefs on Bill 77 (2004)

In November 2004, many briefs were submitted by members and organizations of the Coalition for Pay Equity to the Standing Committee on Law Amendments regarding Bill 77. Bill 77 was never adopted, but most briefs certainly supported pay equity legislation!

Click on the links below to read most of the point of view of most of the individuals and organizations which participated.

Auréa Cormier (French only)
Huberte Gautreau (French only)
Janelle LeBlanc (French only)


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